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This form should be used to enter patient data you want to register, even if underage or not able. The definition "not able" patient includes those who do not own a computer or an internet connection, or is not able to operate properly on the web.
You can register as a user directly and re-register as "supervisor/guardian" of a underage or not able patient. In any case, you must know the personal identification code. If not already emailed by the CAAM specialist, this personal identification code can be obtained from the CAAM reference doctor, or emailing to Who only performed tests in the CAAM laboratory will find the personal identification code on the report received from the laboratory.
You can register as "supervisor/guardian," but you have to know the personal identification code of the user you want to register. It is possible to register if you are already in the CAAM network, both for visits with specialists or for laboratory tests.
You can register as adult user for viewing your data, or you can register an underage or anyone not able. In the case of the underage or of a person not able, the registration of a responsible adult is required to access the data.
Registration is free and will last a year since the last contact with the CAAM specialists, both for a visit either as email or telephone exchange that is registered as relevant in the Interall electronic medical record. Free registration allows advanced visualization of test results and access to some online CAAM information services.
The same registration will last a year for CAAM users who carried out any laboratory test. In the latter case the display of the test will be in a basic version.
If you are no longer within the CAAM network, but you want to keep the test display, you can confirm it with a subscription. For this option either in the basic version or in the advanced version ask

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