“A comprehensive and organic view directed toward therapy”

The patient, every day in the focus of our work

The patient with allergy problems is the center of the CAAM professionals' vision.
The patient is evaluated in hes/him complexity and for all possible allergic diseases that could interest her/him.
The therapeutic approach, led by molecular diagnostics, is based on the integration of instruments for the rational control of the exposure to allergens, of combined drug therapies, of specific immunotherapy, and of the most innovative treatments using biologicals.
The CAAM professionals represent the first and only reality in Italy for the assistance and research on allergy diseases, based on a widespread network of clinical centers in the territory, unified together by an homogeneous and shared operability, and by an information system based on an Internet platform.
The most advanced technologies developed in the last twenty years are irreplaceable tools for CAAM professionals:
  • Biotechnology: identification, characterization and production of allergenic molecules;
  • Micro and nanotechnology applied to allergy diagnostics;
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for an easy, fast and complete management of the patient diagnostic and therapeutic informations.
The clinical and translational research integrates the daily activity of CAAM professionals, completed and amplified by the activity of the laboratory research and by national and international collaborations with research centers.
The constant use of communication tools with patients makes the expertise of CAAM available to them, improving their quality of life.

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