Allergy is a problem that could affect all of us. Knowing it in time is the first step for a healthy life.

“A team of experts in molecular allergology, updated daily, doing clinical activities and research, capable to offer to the allergic patient a precise diagnosis and a personalized treatment. Everything made possible thanks to the original and exclusive test using nanotechnology.”

"Globally first and unique who cumulated the largest case studies in structured molecular allergology, having performed diagnostic routine and experimental tests more than 95 000 subjects, aged 0 to 104 years old. Thanks to the cooperation with the Allergome project, having direct access to a Library of more than of 138 000 scientific papers from the last 100 years, updated real time and with a constant critical reading of all publications."

CAAM. Science closer to your serenity.

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Centri Associati di Allergologia Molecolare - Studio Medico Associato
Registration Act October 21 2013
Operational sites: Rome, Lazio, Italy
Legal site: Via Nino Bixio 11 – 04100 Latina - VIES Registered VAT IT02737420592