“Seven points for personalized and global diagnosis and therapy of allergic diseases.”

The GlobAll Eptalogue

The GlobAll approach to diagnosis and therapy of allergic diseases is funded on 7 basic points:

1. GlobAll because allergic diseases have higher prevalence within families.

Children, parents, grandparents might be affected by one or more allergy problems, representing an engagement for the whole family. We interpret it searching the way to help you.

2. GlobAll because patients might have an allergy problem at any age, sometimes lifelong.

Before birth to over 100 years old we take care of you.

3. GlobAll because each patient might be affected by an allergic sensitization toward any allergen, food, pollen, mite, pets, drugs, venoms, latex, simple chemical compounds, preservatives.

Increasing our knowledge on any allergen is our leading duty in research, to give you the best diagnostic approach using molecular allergens, molecularly charcterized allergenic extracts and micro and nanotechnologies.

4. GlobAll because one or more symptoms related to allergy might appear in the same patient, affecting one or more organs, leading to asthma, rhinitis, urticaria, anaphylaxis, eczema, conjunctivitis.

We take care of your allergy as a disease of the immune system affecting several organs at the same time. That is the only approach which helps you.

5. GlobAll because a multi-organ disease ask for a therapeutic approach using all resources.

We use all the most advanced therapeutic tools to control your symptoms and cure your allergies. Allergy “vaccines” and biological therapies have this primary target.

6. GlobAll because exposure to allergens changes while moving from indoor to outdoor environments, from a season to another, at different climates, with different eating habits.

At any time and situation allergy symptoms might appear we help you to understand how to prevent them and control exposure.

7. GlobAll because allergic patients travel around the world.

The geography of allergy is very important. We help you to understand your allergies globally.

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